Austin Jones is the brother of the head of the Department of Paranormal Research, a government-funded facility that studies supernatural phenomena. Unwilling to use his psychic powers as a tool for the state, Austin drives to the other side of the country, shacks up with the first nice guy he meets, and instantly falls headlong into solving mysteries in a strange small town full of too many spirits.

Landis Holliday is the former bassist of Paper Museum, a 1990s indie band that split up amicably after reaching the height of their popularity. Now living in an isolated lakeside cabin, Landis finds it his responsibility to keep the entity living beneath the lake docile and well-fed - no matter who gets in his way, or how many of his bandmates he has to sacrifice to do it.

Antlers, Colorado is a roughly 230,000 word web novel about two psychics, their (literal and figurative) ghosts, and how they go to Hell and back for each other. It is explicitly LGBTQ+, horror-forward with lots of mystery and murder, and has an interactive Twine intermission after every chapter. 

Antlers was originally serialized from 2014 - 2017, and is being re-released here on Substack! You can sign up to receive “re-run” updates on Tuesdays and Thursdays, starting May 10th. The interactive intermissions will remain hosted on, but everything else will be delivered directly to your email!

If you have the urge to read ahead, you can do that on the original site. If you’d like to support Antlers monetarily, check out Marn’s Ko-Fi or the Card Zero Press Patreon. You can also come and chat about the updates over on the Card Zero Press Discord!

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A supernatural mystery serial.


Web serial author and one half of Card Zero Press. She/her pronouns.